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Our Vehicle & Contractor Requirements
For Owner Operators

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Independent Contractor Requirements

Independent Contractor Requirements

  • Tractor must look good and pass a D.O.T. annual inspection prior to orientation in Porter, Indiana

  • All contractors must be willing to run all 49 states

  • Extensive and verifiable over-the-road, tractor-trailer experience

  • All tractors must be ELD compliant

  • Must pass D.O.T. physical

  • Must pass D.O.T. drug testing

  • Must be registered with the FMCSA Clearinghouse

Base Plate

Base Plate & Permits

  • Cost of Indiana Base Plate can be deducted from each settlement

  • Trailer Transit offers a toll transponder and scale bypass for a nominal fee

  • Contractor must provide proof that the current year (2290) Federal Highway Use Tax has been paid

  • Contractor must have the original or copy of the original title to the tractor

  • Trailer Transit provides ALL other permits

Suggested Additional Equipment

  • Due to the nature of our business and the needs of our customer base, it is highly recommended that you have a sliding 5th wheel with a long slide, either at time of sign-on or shortly thereafter.
  • CDL endorsements for Tank, Doubles, and Hazmat
  • Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC)
  • Tie down equipment:
  • Six 20” chains, 5/16” high tensile or 3/8”
  • Eight tire chains
  • Six chain binders
  • Four 4”x30” straps with flat hooks
  • Four ratchet-type winches
  • Light Bar – used on trailers without rear lights or if the electrical system is not compatible
  • Pintle Hook, Ball Hitch, and Electric Brakes
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