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Custom Power Only Transportation In The Continental United States & Canada

Trailer Transit, Inc. is the premier towaway – power only transportation provider in North America, covering all 49 states and Canada.

Wondering what it means to be a power only transportation provider?

It means that our fleet of owner operators provide the power, your business provides whatever needs to be hauled.



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We are incredibly proud of our reliable team of owner operators.

Providing Power Only Transport Solution For A Variety Of Industries

Wondering if we can haul something for your business? Short-haul, long-haul, mission critical or time sensitive, we can define a custom power only transportation solution for your specific needs.

From full or empty trailers, portable machinery, race car haulers and race equipment, entertainment venues and stage sets, you can rely upon the accuracy and dependability of Trailer Transit for all of your towaway – power only transportation needs.

Experienced And Capable

Check out our portfolio for a quick look at the range of our capabilities. With over 35 years experience in the towaway industry, we provide trailer transport solutions for a wide variety of clients – big and small – in many different industries.


Up To $3,000 Driver Sign On Bonus

Are you an experienced owner operator looking for a great driving opportunity?

Trailer Transit is where you should be. Learn more about our growing team of driving professionals.

We provide towaway transportation solutions for a variety of industries from coast to coast and Canada.

Let’s talk about what it takes to join the nation’s leading towaway carrier team.




  • Allen C.
    I got my CDL in 1963, been with a few other places and you just can’t beat these people to work with. As for $$$$, it depends on you and how you work. I’m very pleased.
    Allen C.
  • Eric W.
    Love this job!
    Eric W.
  • Phil M.
    Working on four years and wish I had known about them a lot longer.
    Phil M.
  • Paul L
    I really liked what I was doing. I could go anywhere I wanted, I could go see the sights anywhere. Can your company do that? I was happy as could be. If you lease on with TTI, I think you will like it.
    Paul L
  • William S
    I chatted with them for an hour or so about becoming an owner operator. Love their people. Loved the tour. Hopefully I can work for them soon.
    William S
  • Keith S
    Very good place for an owner operator. They treat you like family. Awesome staff!
    Keith S
  • John W
    The best company to lease your truck to.
    John W
  • Keith B
    Awesome trucking company!
    Keith B
  • Atropa B
    I'm a company driver giving props to one of your drivers who has "The life of the poor and unknown" written on his sleeper. It is such a true sentiment, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way. Btw, he was driving really good. Thumbs up to him!
    Atropa B
  • Chris B.
    I have been driving since 1983 when I started doing P&D work out of Norwich, CT. I came to this company in Oct. 2008 and I can say without reservation that this is the best trucking company that I've ever worked for and every day I am thankful to be here.
    Chris B.
  • Steven T.
    A great company to be leased onto, with friendly staff and management who care about your bottom line.
    Steven T.
  • Keith L.
    Best bunch of people I ever worked with! Great customers, professional services provided at the highest level.
    Keith L.
  • Jim A.
    Whether it be golf, marathons or bike races, we use Trailer Transit to move all of our mobile units and have found their level of service and expertise to be unmatched in the industry. We wouldn’t trust our time-sensitive moves to anyone else.
    Jim A.
  • Gil & Melissa O.
    (Trailer Transit) is a wonderful place to work. My husband and I love working for the company...the best people to work with. Always looking out for you, never worry about a thing.
    Gil & Melissa O.
  • Leonard M.
    Great people to work for and even better people to know. Only a year here but looking foward to many more. Never worked for anyone better than these folks from top to bottom they make you feel at home. Thanks for the great place to be!
    Leonard M.
  • Donna Lee M.
    We have leased to TTI for 27 years & counting. No better company in the business. Need I say more?
    Donna Lee M.
  • Darrell Lee L.
    I love the atmosphere and the type of work. I don't see myself working at another carrier again.
    Darrell Lee L.
  • Jerry M. Jr.
    Trailer Transit is by far the best place I've ever worked. From everyone in our office to our customers, you are treated with nothing but the utmost respect. Keep up the great work.
    Jerry M. Jr.
  • John A.
    Something different everyday, makes for an interesting way to run your truck. Laid back lifestyle for the most part - truck hard, truck slow, up to you. Do it your way with the nicest people you will find in this industry.
    John A.
  • Domi S.
    The best company I've ever worked for in 10 years since my immigration. No discrimination at all, not like other places I've been working for. They welcomed me and treated me more than fair and made me feel like home for the first time in 10 years. This is the last company I'll drive for.
    Domi S.
  • Carolyn B.
    Trailer Transit has been our home for 16 years. We have made many wonderful memories here and hope to make many more. I've often told people that we are paid tourists. Take time to enjoy this job. You only have one life and why not combine work and fun. Try it, it's great.
    Carolyn B.
  • Nikole B.
    Trailer Transit is amazing!!!! Great customer service.
    Nikole B.
  • Tammy G.
    Trailer Transit is our go-to power only company when it comes to our trailer moves. Jaime L. is always there to answer our call or email. This is a very professional and responsive organization that cares about the customer.
    Tammy G.
  • Britt W.
    Trailer Transit is our go to power only freight provider. Jaime and the whole team is very prompt and helpful to get trailers moved quickly and at a good price. I definitely recommend using Trailer Transit.
    Britt W.
  • Terry M.
    Trailer Transit is great! I’ve never had any issues with on time deliveries or promises kept. Jaime is the very best! She is courteous and always follows through until our trailers have been safely delivered!
    Terry M.
  • David M.
    I have been with Trailer Transit for 4 years and I’ll stay with them until I retire from the business.
    David M.
  • David M.
    At Trailer Transit, you are never "just another driver". Your workload is exactly what you want it to be, to fit your schedule. There is no forced dispatch, you are offered loads, you can refuse or accept, your choice.
    David M.
  • Tristan M.
    Trailer Transit is a quality operation. They are very professional and their service aligns perfectly as advertised. We have navigated a very difficult situation together and they handled it with care and efficiency. I am happy to do business with them and look forward to future moves! I would recommend them to anyone.
    Tristan M.
  • Tom K.
    Trailer Transit has been fabulous for my company. For the US Centers for Disease Control, we conduct a nationwide research project involving medical exams in 12 highly specialized, expensive semi-trailers. 60+ trailer moves per year, each requiring critical timing and care for our equipment. And, we’ve done this for 20+ years. Seriously, not one failure on Trailer Transit’s part (although I’ve screwed up a few times!). If you need trailer moves done right, these people do just that.
    Tom K.


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