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Questions To Ask

My job as a recruiter has allowed me to have hundreds of conversations with owner operators. All of them are looking for the best owner operator company.

After years of talking with owner operators, I've gathered the list below of questions owner operators should be asking to find the best owner operator company to lease on to.

Trailer Transit Inc. | The best owner operator company has a semi truck parked in their parking lot.

Every company will tell you they are the best. But so many owner operators I talk with are frustrated that what the story they were told does not match the reality.

I can tell you that successful owner operators take the time to calculate their total operating costs and consider everything a company offers, as well as what they charge their drivers.

The best owner operator companies are upfront with you.

Companies often “package” together the benefits of leasing on. I strongly encourage owner operators to ask questions and push deeper.

I’d recommend having a list of questions ready to ask.

Discover the details that impact every important financial decision you have to make as an owner operator.

Here are the questions I’d recommend that you ask:

How frequently are loads available?

Find out how often you can be on the road making money.

What are the details of the sign on bonus?

Really dig into the fine print and understand the requirements.

What additional fees are there when leasing on? What administrative costs are they passing on to the owner operator?

You should expect to be charged a reasonable base rate for leasing onto them. This is an acceptable industry practice since they are taking on the liability. They find and dispatch your loads, they provide the low group insurance policies, they handle billing, invoicing, statements, and all the safety and compliance required by the FMCSA.

What are the liability and cargo insurance costs?

Get the details to discover what costs might be passed on to you.

What is their Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) score?

This matters because a lower score helps keep insurance premiums lower and results in fewer compliance checks.

How many DOT inspections do they require a year?

Do they cover part of the cost? 

Do they pay for the Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?

Does the company cover the total cost of the ELD? What amount is the owner operator responsible to pay?

What kind of fuel savings program is available?

Where can you use it, what are the limitations?

Is there a base plate program?

Uncover the details to qualify for the program.

What other incentives or bonuses are offered?

Are there mileage bonuses, safe driving incentives, or other programs available?

Rock Star Question: How many dispatchers do they have, and how long have they been with the company?

Dispatchers are the heart of every trucking company. Here’s an industry secret: The best owner operator companies have the best dispatch teams. Experienced dispatchers know how to consistently get high rates and great terms.

Trailer Transit Inc. | The best owner operator company showcases a semi truck with a trailer parked in front of it.

The Best Owner Operator Company

If you are looking for the best owner operator company in America, I encourage you to consider Trailer Transit, Inc.

  • We don’t charge exorbitant rates, hidden fees, or oddball deductions.
  • We offer year round stability with consistent freight and home time when you need it. The miles you drive each month are up to you, and the sky’s the limit as far as earning potential.
  • Our fuel discount program is one of the best in the industry.
  • We have one of the lowest liability and cargo insurance costs in the industry.
  • We emphasize safety by requiring two DOT inspections per year, and we pay for the second inspection.
  • Our dispatchers have over 20 years of experience and know every one of our owner operators by name.
  • We could go on, but more details can be found here.

Why Owner Operators Love Trailer Transit, Inc.

Trailer Transit Is

  • red-check-icon100% Owner Operator
  • red-check-iconAll drop & hook jobs.
    No loading, unloading or tarping
  • red-check-iconOperating in all 48 states.

Owner Operator Perks

We pay 71% of the line haul from a job to our drivers & up to 80% when combined with:

  • accessorial pay
  • fuel surcharge
  • deadhead pay
Trailer Transit Inc. |         Description: A diagram showcasing the key steps involved in developing a successful business plan for the best owner-operator company.

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Our Owner Operators Are Fans, Too!

  • –Pamela G.
    My husband has driven for them for over 2 years now & they are the best company by far for owner operators. They treat you like family. Plus, you get to haul some pretty interesting things. We hope to stay until we retire. 👍
    –Pamela G.
  • –Chris B.
    I have now been a trailer transit for 12 years and it is by far the best company I have ever worked for. I have been driving for 36 years total and have been an owner operator for the last 22. My only regret is that I didn't find this company earlier in my career.
    –Chris B.
  • –Jesse T.
    By far the absolute best place to work! Everyone - both in the office and the owner operators - are great people! I’ve been here just over 2 years and am loving it.
    –Jesse T.
  • –John L.
    As a former owner operator at Trailer Transit, I can unequivocally say, I was absolutely spoiled there. The office staff did their utmost to take stress away from me and was always forthcoming with pertinent information. Very personable people to deal with, so much so, that if I needed my driver number for something I had to ask them what it was. The attention to detail, the passion for a job well done, and the variety of work was parallel to none. I have personal reasons as to why I left, and I have every intention of returning when life allows.
    –John L.
  • –Colt P.
    Awesome family atmosphere!
    –Colt P.
  • –Dave P.
    I see a huge difference versus the mega carriers in the way I am being treated and dispatched. You are not just a number. Thank you to Audrey Brooks and the rest of the team!
    –Dave P.
  • -Michael P
    The best company I ever worked for and they stand with you they don't leave you hanging out there.
    -Michael P