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Get The Power-Only Transport YOU Need

Need something hauled? Trailer Transit’s power-only transport services provide total flexibility for customers across industries. From government and military, to entertainment, mobile medical, and more, our owner operators are safely hauling a variety of jobs every day.

With over 35 years in the business, our power-only transport services have hauled just about everything you can imagine across the country, to 49 states.

What We Provide

Trailer Transit’s power-only transport haulers own their own cabs while they deliver your trailer. They perform “drop and hook” shipments. They transport trailers only, and do not come into contact with freight. This allows our drivers to perform with total efficiency and expedience. Our network of logistics professionals will help you track your shipment as it safely crosses state lines.

Hauling Flexibility You Need

Our drivers provide total flexibility for industries of all kinds.

We provide transportation for full and empty trailers, large and bulky objects, and all the way down to small, specialized shipments.

Government & Military

  • Government and military trailers keep our country on the move and functioning.
  • We ship everything from supplies to mechanical equipment for our military partners.
collage of Trailer Transit Inc. hauling for the US Military


  • Ship your stage equipment, costumes and more, cross-country or short-haul.
  • We ship for concerts, motorsports and everything in between.
Trailer Transit Inc. hauling at the Charlotte Motor Speedway

Mobile Medical

  • Get everything you need for your doctor’s office or hospital in short order.
  • Our skilled drivers will deliver everything from mobile MRI units shared by multiple facilities to new diagnostic equipment.
Trailer Transit Inc. trucks and loads collage

New and Used Empty Dry Vans

  • We’ll ship your new or used empty dry van straight to your door!
Trailer Transit Inc. | Three semi-trucks in different settings: one parked next to a field of golden wheat, another at a rest stop with a fire hydrant, and the third driving on a road surrounded by trees, showcasing the versatility of power-only freight.

Portable Machinery

  • Our drivers are trained to transport portable machinery of all types and for a variety of industries.
Trailer Transit Inc. trucks and loads collage

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