1Do you have a Lease Purchase Program?
No. Trailer Transit does not offer any type of lease purchase programs.
2Do you allow passengers?
Yes. Trailer Transit will allow a passenger over the age of 18 to ride along in your tractor after the proper paperwork and insurances are filled out.
3Can I run under my own authority?
No. We require every owner operator to run under Trailer Transit’s authority.
4I already paid my base plate for the year, can I use my own?
No. Trailer Transit requires that you run under an Indiana base plate. We do have a base plate incentive program that will pay for your base plate the following year if you run 80,000 loaded miles with no incidents or accidents.
5Can I lease on a tractor I own but have a driver operate it for me?
In an instance like this, we would require a Power of Attorney giving the driver all responsibility over the tractor as well as dispatch and pay.
6Do you have dedicated lanes or routes? Regional or local lanes?
No we do not. All owner operators leased on to Trailer Transit run Over The Road and cover all 49 states with a no force dispatch.
7Is there a year requirement on the tractor?
Trailer Transit does not require a specific year in order to lease on. We do require that every new owner operators have a tractor that can run our ELD system.
8I already have an ELD system, can I continue to use it if I lease on with Trailer Transit?
We require that every owner operator leased onto Trailer Transit run our EROAD ELD system.
9What is the rate of pay for your owner operators?
Every owner operator gets paid the same percentage across the board for all loads. 100% of the fuel service charge and 71% of the line haul.
10Do you need to have any endorsements in order to lease onto Trailer Transit?
Trailer Transit does not require any endorsements. However, we do encourage every owner operator to attain Tanker / Hazmat as well as Doubles and Triples.