Trailer Transit Supports Our Troops In Afghanistan

A letter from a soldier in Afghanistan:

Trailer Transit,

I’d like to extend my deepest thanks for your support of my platoon and company here in Afghanistan. With your contributions, I have created a Charlie Company book and video library. The 150 plus Soldiers on our combat outpost now have access to sign out books and videos for use between missions and guard duty. It might not seem like a big deal to donate a used book or movie, but over here, it is a great way for our Soldiers to decompress and relax before bed or while conducting weapons maintenance. Our dining facility has recently acquired a television and DVD player that plays movies during and between meals and is a good place for Soldiers to have snacks and watch a movie with their buddies. Other donations are placed in a community area where Soldiers can look for things such as hygiene items, playing cards, or snacks.

I distributed the hats that were sent to my Soldiers and the leftover ones to our Afghan National Security counterparts (Army and Police). I was able to get most of my platoon in the picture while the rest were pulling security behind the camera. Many Soldiers wear civilian caps on deployments as a reminder of home and there is a platoon’s worth doing so in Afghanistan sporting Trailer Transit caps, thanks to you!

Again, thanks for your support through this deployment. After almost ten years of war, it’s nice to know there are still people who watch our service member’s “six o’clock”.

Respectfully, SFC Ryan Wheele

(Editor’s note: SFC Ryan Wheele is the son of Cheryl Pursley of our Operations Department. We are continuously collecting items here at TTI for the soldiers, such as books, DVD’s, magazines, snacks, hygiene items, etc. and Cheryl forwards them to her son for the members of his platoon. Thank you, everyone!)