Look for information about routes that are subject to frequent road closures and have a high volume of accidents. Is your next haul in a well-known winter danger zone like the M-20 in Michigan or I-80 corridor in Wyoming? Determine why those highways are troublesome – will you be dealing just with snow, or are ice and wind significant factors you’ll be contending with?

Utilize the U.S. DOT National Traffic and Road Closure website to check your route before and during your job. Here are just a few details about some of the hazardous, but essential, US roads that are used to move goods from one part of the country to another.

  • M-20 Michigan
    • Winter weather + Deer on the road
  • I-80 Wyoming
    • Often closed for 1-2 days at a time due to winter conditions
    • Winds steady over 40mph and frequent gusts over 60mph
    • Heavy snow and drifting is common
    • Black ice due to the amount of commercial traffic, sunny days during frigid temperatures
  • Several routes in Colorado, Montana, Idaho
    • Rocky Mountain highways are full of steep elevation changes
    • Winding mountain passes are full of frequent and tight switchbacks
    • Snowy conditions can decrease visibility of runaway-truck ramps